Monika Bacardi on Strikingly

Image Monika Bacardi on Strikingly

Monika's Personal Life

Lord Luis Bacardi (Lord of Bayfield Hall) was a descendant of the originator of the Bacardi Company. He and Monika Bacardi (ici.) married and had a lovely daughter together. Staying uplifted and trying to keep a smile are things that she believes in. In so many areas of her life, Monika Bacardi likes to show her deep awareness of social and green considerations.

Monika Bacardi passionately supports Mission Enfance, a charity which gives educational help to underprivileged children. Childrens' happiness is of great importance to Lady Bacardi. For this reason, she supports the Association Nationale Monégasque des Amis de l'Enfance (AMADE-Monaco). The Principality’s cultural and charity movements are things in which Lady Bacardi is actively engaged. Monika Bacardi's philanthropic pursuits are driven by her lifelong consideration for her fellow human beings.

Her husband ran the Bacardi enterprise for forty years before passing away in 2005. Subsequently, Monika Bacardi has revealed an amazing business talent. The worldwide marketplace has benefited from an excellent list of motion pictures that have been released by Andrea Iervolino and herself, as a result of their launching of AMBI Pictures. She is a busy woman, having become involved with many philanthropic activities. She contributes to oceanographic research and supports various charities, such as "amfAR" (Making AIDS History Association), "Fondation AVEC" along with the Monaco Red Cross. A leading personality in the modern cinematic world, both in America and throughout Europe, "Lady of Bayfield Hall", Monika Bacardi (or, formally, Lady Bacardi) is also referred to as "The Queen of Charity".

Monika Bacardi on a Professional Level

Her 'PHOTO' brand for photographers and artists is something around which Monika Bacardi strives to develop services, offering vocational management whilst making contacts with global customers. Success in being a leading supplier of popular movies for studios and large distributors around the world is what the AMBI Group strives for. Lady Bacardi's working life centres upon running 'PHOTO' magazine and AMBI Group. Co-founder/owner and producer of the AMBI Group, Monika Bacardi strives to create funding for, produce and distribute movies to a multinational market.

Monika Bacardi is involved in the Monaco Project for the Arts, which helps to support the University of Plastic Arts and establish partnerships with regards to the arts in Monaco. Amis de l'Opera, a group that is eagerly supported by her, has for thirty years, aided l'Opera de Monte Carlo. One reason she created AMBI Pictures is that she wished to encourage young filmmakers, due to her passion for "The Seventh Art" (Cinema). Monika Bacardi enjoys the varied works of numerous artists and photographers, which explains her love of photography and modern art.