Charles Rosier, London UK | Partner at BTG Pactual

Image Charles Rosier, London UK | Partner at BTG Pactual

Chosen Profession

He is known as a great investment banker who has 15 years of experience in that industry. There are approximately 2,500 workers currently employed at BTG Pactual, which has 30 years of experience. Charles Rosier’s first step towards his future was his appointment at Lehman Brothers in 1996. Later on, he moved to UBS Warburg to be the manager for their Debt Capital Market Division in 1997. Charles Rosier deals with all the French-speaking markets like France, Belgium and Quebec at UBS Warburg.

Environment-Saving Projects of Charles Rosier

Charles Rosier is dedicated to helping the environment by developing energy and power sectors in poor countries. Innoveox fully supports the campaign to create a pollution-free environment by managing several environmental awareness projects to reduce the level of carbon dioxide emissions. Charles Rosier willingly supported Luci MPOWERD, a clean and renewable-energy solution-provider. The company was able to create more impressive solutions because of the support he gave. For poor countries to get cost-effective energy solutions, MPOWERD enthusiastically makes LED lanterns.

Charles Rosier is active in different philanthropic and cultural activities. Good examples of this are his support for a Silver Lion-winning movie and a famous French singer. Charles Rosier has a passion for culture and music. The support he gives to artists and movies showcase this. To express his passion for culture and music, he extended his support to a French female musician.

Charles Rosier in Supporting Health

Baulieu and his co-workers were creating a new helpful drug, however they needed more funds to generate such a drug... so he invested in them. Charles Rosier’s first healthcare project was the Mapreg Drug project. He also invested capital in the laboratory of Mapreg, in Paris, to continue performing research about serious issues including depression and stroke. Mapreg is a pharmaceutical company headed by Professor Etienne Baulieu. They were invested-in by Charles Rosier when he started to run healthcare projects.

From 2009 until 2010, Charles Rosier was the Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, which is a multinational investment banking firm. Charles Rosier was an ambitious partner of an investment bank in Latin America called BTG Pactual. He worked as a partner at BTG Pactual Bank, which has 30 years of experience in international markets, hiring over 2,500 individuals spread across Latin America. Goldman Sachs (also known as GMS) is one of the best banks in the world, having many active branches in various countries. He mainly focused on public-asset management as their Managing Director.